Imagine a permanent, integrated passenger model of your railway or metro station, available all the time, dynamic, fully supported and hosted, at your disposal. You request a simulation evaluation at any time and get results delivered in minutes. You act in time, change passenger routings, processing devices, arrival and departures, rolling stock - this is SimWalk-360, the new way to deliver passenger simulation to the transport industry.

Predictive real-time management of rail and metro stations

With SimWalk-360 you reduce the passenger simulation ramp up costs to zero and get the full simulation value at any time with minimal overhead costs. There’s no model building by your staff, no training for one time projects, no recurring calibration and validation, no upgrade costs - SimWalk 360 only delivers results in minimal time - we do the setup, your staff gets the results.

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SimWalk Airport

SimWalk Airport is the specialised passenger simulation software for aviation, offering realistic modeling and optimization of all passenger operations in airport terminals. SimWalk Airport provides analysis of passenger capacities and logistics, operational layouts, congestions and queues as well as levels of service.

Improving airport passenger capacity performance

SimWalk Airport allows to simulate evacuation scenarios, and providesevaluation of commercial areas as well as intermodal simulations in connection with railway stations. SimWalk Airport has built in fast-scenario and process simulation capabilities, supporting efficient on-demand modeling of airport operations.

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SimWalk Transport

SimWalk Transport is the market leading software solution for simulating and analyzing passenger movement issues in railway, metro and bus stations. SimWalk Transports capability to model realistically boarding and alighting processes, rolling stock, train switching and all passenger related station dynamics remains unmatched in the industry.

Optimizing station passenger capacity management

SimWalk Transport allows to optimize passenger flow efficiency, security and comfort as well as existing or planned station designs, logistics and related objects (e.g. capacities of platforms, passages, stairs, escalators, elevators etc.). It also allows to improve efficiency of timetables, passenger transfer times and station connections.

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SimWalk PRO

SimWalk PRO is a flexibel and yet easy to use simulation software for solving pedestrian flow issues in urban planning, evacuation and traffic management. Other applications are sports and special events, airports, public realm and commercial buildings as well as shopping centers and retail.

Urban planning, evacuation and traffic

SimWalk PRO integrates the CAD software SimDraw for easier adaptation of simulation plans. In addition, SimWalk Event Handler allows creating highly dynamic simulations with integrated run-time events. A Pedestrian Database, containing all the most up-to-date empirical data for pedestrian modelling, complements the software capabilities.

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