Transport management by simulation

Information is important to manage a system, but it is static. If simulation prediction is coupled with information, a dynamic management of transport processes and faciilites becomes possible.

Passenger routing in near real-time, optimizing time tables and schedules, re-routing of processor loads, what-if scenarios in minutes - simulation together with information allows to tackle capacity problems and bottlenecks fast and efficient.

Permanent models are improving models

Permanent models are the future of simulation. The quality and accuracy of permanent models increases over time with every use, adding validity and strength to simulation efforts. In contrast to time instant models that are used once and then vanish.

Permanent transport terminal models integrate many perspectives of the station management in one location. If the users are timetable planners, top management, operational staff, architects or marketing people - the model delivers insights for all of them.

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What we want to accomplish

Savannah Simulations AG is a company focused on the next information revolution which will be led by simulation. Simulation adds a dimension of time to static information, enabling the ability to think in scenarios, predictions and future events. The company advances the next level of the information revolution, the transformation from a "what there is..." to a "what...if". A transition to a world where problems are solved through the connective power of simulations and scenarios for a better understanding of our lifes.

The simulation age

We envision a world where simulation is a general-purpose technology that extends far beyond business to every human being, opening the realms of creativity and possibility for everyone. In a world where problems grow more complex every day, we need more options for choosing the best solution.